Chandler Carter Composer


Nonnie Anderson (20-year old African-American woman)soprano
Bess Anderson (Nonnie’s older sister) mezzo soprano
Ed Anderson (Nonnie’s older brother, younger than Bess) tenor
Sam Perry (African-American doctor, close friend of the Anderson’s) baritone
Big Henry (Tracy’s African-American house boy) bass-baritone
Dessie (African-American maid) high soprano
Tracy Deen (24-year-old white man, Nonnie’s lover) high baritone
Alma Deen (Tracy’s mother) alto
Dorothy (Tracy’s high school girlfriend) soprano
Clay (local White man, around 30-years old) bass-baritone
R.T. (Clay’s friend) tenor
Crazy Carl (young, mentally-disabled man) speaking role
Brother Dunwoodie (middle-aged traveling Revival minister) tenor
Tom Harris* (middle-age Mill owner) tenor

Chorus (minimum 12 singers)
* Tom Harris may double the role of Brother Dunwoodie.

The action takes place in Maxwell, a small town in rural Georgia in the 1920’s.


flute (doubling piccolo)
3 clarinets (3rd doubling alto saxophone)
bass clarinet
2 horns
trombone (doubles tenor and bass)
steel-string guitar (amplified)
percussionist (drum set, timpani, suspended cymbal, wooden block, tambourine)
2 pianos (one in pit, one off-stage)
1st and 2nd violins (min. three each; one soloist plays in Appalachian fiddle style)
violas (minimum two)
violoncellos (minimum two)
double bass