Chandler Carter Composer


Lullaby and sextet, Act 1, scene 1:

All eyes focus on Nonnie as she strolls down College Street with the baby she cares for.

Nonnie’s Song, Act 1, scene 3:

Late at night Nonnie secretly waits by the river for Tracy.

Tracy’s Ballad, Act 1, scene 3:

Tracy recalls how he remembered Nonnie when he was serving in France during World War I.

Adina Aaron, Nonnie
Joseph Kaiser, Tracy
New York City Opera, Stephen Gross, conductor

Nonnie’s Aria, Act 1, scene 7:

Even though her family condemns her affair and pregnancy, Nonnie is determined to keep both her lover and the unborn baby.

Erina Newkirk, Nonnie
Long Leaf Opera, Benjamin Keaton, conductor


Last Rehearsal
Erina Newkirk’s haunting performance of Nonnie’s waiting song in Act I, scene 3 accompanies these images of the final piano rehearsal.

Rehearsal with Orchestra
Scenes from the sitzprobe.

Strange Fruit Rehearsal #1
Artistic director Randolph Umberger introduces Long Leaf Opera to the performers as the cast sings through scene 1 for the first time.


Chandler Carter, Strange Fruit
Set designed by Doris Schneider

Nonnie (Erina Newkirk) and Tracy (Charles Stanton) embrace in
Act 1, scene 3.

Chandler Carter, Strange Fruit

Chandler Carter, Strange Fruit
Michael Kilbridge portrays the manipulative
revival preacher Brother Dunwoodie.

Chandler Carter, Strange Fruit
Dorothy (Nicolle Alexandre) rejoices at Tracy’s conversion in
Act 1, scene 5.

Chandler Carter, Strange Fruit
Nonnie is despondent after Tracy’s murder
Act 2, scene 5.